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We support the following data warehouses to connect with, you can choose multiple connectors in a single project, please check the connectors’ document for the installation guide.

How to use

Setting up a data warehouse connector is easy, you can follow the steps below to set up a connector.

  1. Once you install the connector package, update the extensions section in vulcan.yaml to include the connector package. For example:

    pg: '@vulcan-sql/extension-driver-pg' # Add this line
  2. Create a new profile in profiles.yaml or in your profile files.

    - name: pg # profile name
    type: pg
    port: 5432
    user: postgres
    password: some-secret
    database: postgres
  3. Specify the profile name in the configuration file of APIs.

    - pg # profile name

Then, you can query the data warehouse in your APIs.