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Build Analytics APIs From Parameterized SQL

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Overview of VulcanSQL

Create Robust APIs with SQL

Harness the simplicity of SQL to develop scalable and flexible APIs, tailor-made for your needs.

Dynamic SQL Generation

Generate context-specific SQL tailored to various personas in real time.

Extendable and Scalable

Modular and extendable with your custom business logic at scale.

What is VulcanSQL?

VulcanSQL is an Analytics API framework that helps data analysts to build scalable analytics APIs using only SQL without writing any backend experience.

Parameterized Your SQL
Build APIs with parameterized SQL for seamless extendability. Discover more about API creation.
Comprehensive API Methods
Our built-in methods include Dynamic Parameters, API Validation, Error Handling, Various Response Formats, etc.
SELECT * FROM public.users
WHERE age >= {{ context.params.age }} AND {{ context.params.age }} <= 19;
Access Control in SQL
SQL knows who you are and what you can retrieve. Learn about Data Privacy.
--- masking address if query user is not admin
{% if context.user.attr.role == 'ADMIN' %}
{% elif %}
{{ masking('address') }}
{% endif %},

FROM orders

--- limit the data to the store user belongs to.
WHERE store = {{ }}
Automated API Docs & Catalog
Generate complete API documentation (OpenAPI) and catalogs automatically, providing a valuable resource for data consumers and web engineers alike. Learn about API documentation.
Connect from Business Applications
Preview data through our user-friendly interface, which allows you to easily read from your own business applications or export data into files.

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