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Create and Share Data APIs Fast.

Data API Framework for AI Agents and Data Apps

API Standardization &
Rapid Development.

With VulcanSQL, data team can control access to the data warehouse using data APIs. Additionally, VulcanSQL automatically generates a OpenAPI interface. This allows users to navigate through data and connect instantly from spreadsheets.

Even users with no technical background can connect to their spreadsheets without the need for additional plugins or drivers. This is applicable for both Google Spreadsheets and MS Excel.excel logogs logo

Developers can familiarize themselves with autogenerated OpenAPI Documentation without the need to repeatedly consult analytics engineers.react logovue logo

How VulcanSQL Works


VulcanSQL offers a development experience similar to dbt. Just insert variables into your templated SQL. VulcanSQL accepts input from your API and generates SQL statements on the fly.


VulcanSQL uses dbt logoDuckDB as a caching layer, boosting your query speed and API response time . This means faster, smoother data APIs for you and less strain on your data sources.

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VulcanSQL offers flexible deployment options - whether you prefer Docker or command-based setups. Our 'package' command assists in bundling your assets, ensuring a smooth transition from development to deployment of your data APIs.


VulcanSQL offers many data sharing options, seamlessly integrating your data into familiar applications within your workflow.

Automatically built API documentation based on OpenAPI.

Extract data from your API without needing SQL knowledge.

VulcanSQL enables seamless data sharing and integration within your known workflow.

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