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The Hugging Face Extensions


  1. Install the package:

    If you have VulcanSQL installed in the binary version, the package is already bundled in the binary. You can skip this step.

    npm i @vulcan-sql/extension-huggingface
  2. Update your vulcan.yaml file to enable the extension:

    hf: '@vulcan-sql/extension-huggingface'

    # Required: Hugging Face access token, see:
    accessToken: 'your-huggingface-access-token'

Using Hugging Face

VulcanSQL supports using Hugging Face tasks by the VulcanSQL Filters statement.


Hugging Face has a rate limit, so it does not allow sending large datasets to the Hugging Face library for processing.

Otherwise, using a different Hugging Face model may yield different results or even result in failure.