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VulcanSQL empowers you to construct a self-service catalog page. A remarkable aspect of this is that even users lacking SQL knowledge can effortlessly extract data from the API you've crafted.

See how to install @vulcan-sql/catalog-server package in Installation.

Explore our API Endpoint Listing Page

This page serves as a showcase for all APIs painstakingly prepared by our data analysts and data engineers. It provides a broad overview for users to choose from. catalog-api-list

Dive Deep into our API Endpoint Detail Page

Venturing into a particular API endpoint from the listing page, users will be greeted with extensive details like:

  • Column Metadata
  • Parameters Metadata

Additionally, users have the freedom to:

  • Engage with data in real-time, with the ability to set and tweak filters according to their needs.
  • Download data in both CSV or JSON formats.
  • Learn and adapt on how to extract data from other applications.


Seamless Connectivity from Applications

By following the provided instructions, users can effortlessly copy an API link and incorporate it into their applications to fetch the required data.