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Install VulcanSQL CLI

If you have NodeJS (≥ 16) installed, you can simply install VulcanSQL CLI globally via NPM.

npm i -g @vulcan-sql/cli

Initialize your first project

  1. Initialize a VulcanSQL project. In an empty folder, run the following command:

    vulcan init .
  2. Check if it is successsfully installed.

    vulcan version

Install desired connector(s)

You need to install corresponding connectors in order to connect with your data warehouses. Please check Connectors to install these connectors.

For example, to use Postgres connector:

  1. Install connector

    npm i @vulcan-sql/extension-driver-pg
  2. Enable it by updating vulcan.yaml.

    pg: '@vulcan-sql/extension-driver-pg'

Set proper profiles

We need some credentials to connect to your data warehouses, which we call “profiles”. You need to set up at least one profile to let VulcanSQL work. Please check Access Control for further information.

For example, to set up a profile for PostgreSQL connector, you can add the following content to profiles.yaml at your project root.

- name: pg
type: pg
allow: '*'
host: 'host-of-the-server'
user: 'postgres'
password: 'postgres'
database: 'postgres'

Start your API server

Start your local API server:

vulcan start --watch

You can develop your API server with SQL files now!