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This feature is still under development. Will be released in our next release.

Following Canner/vulcan-sql #77 to know the latest development progress.

With VulcanSQL, you can also build the a self-serve catalog page what users without SQL knowledge can also get data from the API you built.

API Endpoint listing page

On this page, users will see all APIs data analysts / data engineers prepared. catalog-api-list

API Endpoint detail page

When users visit a certain API endpoint from the listing page, they'll see the details like

  • Column Metadata
  • Parameters Metadata

They can also

  • Interact with data on real-time with the filters they set.
  • Download data as CSV or JSON.
  • Learn how to connect data from other applicatins.


Connect from applications

Follow the instructions, users can copy an API link and simply use it in their applications to get the data.